January 19, 2012 - Dr. Jian Li to Present Seminar at the UofA

Seminar: Canmet MATERIALS' Electron Microscopy Capabilities and Practical Examples of Advanced Microscopy Studies

3:00pm in ETLE 1-018 on Thursday, January 19


University of Alberta Awarded Opportunity to Develop Ground Breaking Technology to Make Space Exploration Safer

The Canadian Space Agency awards $250 000 to Dr Robert Fedosejevs, UofA professor and team lead, to develop SWEPT - technology to monitor radiation outside of the International Space Station.


Kyle Murphy Wins the 2011 ISSET Symposium Student Poster Competition

Congratulations to Kyle Murphy on his poster submission, "Characterising the night-side current systems and magnetic field pertubations associated with substorms" taking top prize at ISSET's first student space poster competition.


Welcome to ISSET

The Institute for Space Science, Exploration and Technology (ISSET) is a University of Alberta institute that embraces a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines related to the exploration of space. ISSET builds on long-standing institutional excellence in space research in order to take advantage of emerging, cross-disciplinary opportunities and to develop partnerships with other institutions, agencies and industry.

In addition, ISSET offers unique educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate students, and develops provincial capabilities in space research through educational outreach programs, visiting professor positions, workshops and scientific meetings.

ISSET has four core themes based on existing and emerging strengths at the University of Alberta within six Departments across two Faculties.

  • Microgravity science and planetary environment.
  • Space technology for instrumentation and robotics.
  • Planetary materials science.
  • Space physics and space environment.

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